DocOut Historical Twenty Ten Child Theme

DocOut Historical Child Theme Screenshot

Screenshot Docout Historical

Everything to do with the DocOut Historical Child Theme will be located here. You can view a larger screenshot by clicking on the image above. DocOut Historical is a child theme of the default Twenty Ten WordPress Theme, and uses the DocOut WordPress Theme as it’s base. By using the DocOut Theme as it’s base, the web pages created have a great document outline and will be better recognized by the search engines.

Download the DocOut Historical Child Theme

Download the DocOut Historical Theme. Nothing tricky here. Just do your normal download procedures and point your themes admin page to DocOut Historical.

Docout Historical Users

We have had a few websites that have installed Out DocOut Historical Child Theme on their site. We would love to hear if they are seeing better search engine results, like we know they will. Here are the sites: Philadelphia Directory. If you have it installed, please let us know.

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